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Tina Allen, Founder of Liddle Kidz.“I always had a desire to work with children”, says Tina “I just didn’t know I would find such a wonderful and unique way to do it!”

Tina Allen kicked off her career by volunteering; yes volunteering, at a local non-profit organization providing massage therapy for persons with HIV/AIDS. As a lead volunteer she headed up various projects, developed innovative programs, was the youngest member of the organization’s Board of Directors and soon landed the position as Director of the Children’s Program, where she developed infant and children’s massage programs in three leading pediatric hospitals. Tina quickly earned a reputation for her professionalism, dedication and care for children and families.

“I live by the motto - Children are our greatest gift, treat them with extraordinary care!”, says Tina.

In 2005, Tina launched Liddle Kidz® to focus on her innovative approach to children’s health. This approach has allowed her the unique opportunity to educate families and professionals throughout the world in the many benefits of nurturing touch. At personal request, Tina has taught in England, France, Sweden, Canada and Thailand.

A widely known expert in her field, Tina has appeared on NBC and The Learning Channel’s “Bringing Home Baby”.

She is featured as the Infant and Children’s Massage Expert on Canadian Parents and Parent Guide Canada. Tina has also received recognition as First 5 California’s Champion for Children and was honored with the Richard Ryder Award for her dedicated and passionate service.

Tina spends time, when she’s not traveling, between both Southern California and Vancouver, Canada with her musician husband Shad Hills and their three adorable kitties.






As a CIMT™, you have the special opportunity to impact an infant and their family for a lifetime.

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What is Swaddling? And how to do it in 7 Easy Steps!

Swaddling is an ancient tradition of wrapping baby securely in her blanket. This can help your baby feel safe and secure as she begins to adjust to all of the new experiences around her and especially her new environment.














How Can I Help My Baby Stop Crying?

Do you ever wonder what makes a baby cry? As crying is one of the few ways babies have of communicating their needs to us, they cry about almost anything. But what can we do about it?














What is Pediatric Massage?

To a child who has been hospitalized, or diagnosed with a debilitating medical condition, their symptoms are often accompanied by pain, anxiety, loneliness and fear. So it only makes sense that healthcare staff and medical facilities are looking to pediatric massage as treatment for some of these symptoms. But what is it exactly? And how do you implement it?














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Shivon VanessaWho are you?
I am a licensed massage therapist, acupressurist and infant massage instructor.

“Tina is awesome! She is incredibly passionate, organized, professional, caring and compassionate. I could not have asked for a better person to learn about working with babies and kids from.”

Share a memorable moment from an infant massage class:
An adorable little boy disliked the "swedish milking" stroke so much that every time I even said the words, he let out a little cry of disapproval. Obviously, his parents didn't use that stroke during his massages!

What have you learned from a family (or baby) in your classes? I am constantly learning that all of these little babies know what they like (or don't like) and are more than willing to tell us. It's wonderful to see such varied reactions from each infant.

What makes you happy? My husband, bodywork (giving and receiving), teaching infant massage, the mountains ,Uglydolls good books, learning new things, Uglydolls and so much more....

What makes you sad? Not much makes me sad.

What’s your favorite color? Pink!

What’s your favorite food? Anything that satisfies my sweet tooth.

What got you interested in infant massage?
I grew up in an extremely affectionate family, and massage is and always has been an important (and fun!) bonding tool for us. I think it's an honor to be able to share that with other families

Please visit Shivon’s website:


Now Let's Talk about how the Liddle Kidz Foundation can  make a postive impact on your life!

Finally, an accredited infant massage certification program for professionals, caregivers and those wanting to begin a new career in the wonderful world of infant massage.  The Liddle Kidz® FoundationPlease Liddle Kidz, teach my Mommy & Daddy Infant Massage Certification course is an intense, fun and effective way to master the core skills of infant massage.

Founded by master teacher and philanthropist Tina Allen, the Liddle Kidz® Foundation offers a new, comprehensive, research based training course and teaches students what they really need to know to become a professional infant massage teacher.

Any experienced infant massage teacher will tell you that there is a world of difference between learning how to massage a baby from a book or DVD, and knowing how to provide the best care to meet a families needs, however, there are few opportunities to learn the skills they really need from a working healthcare professional who has provided infant massage education throughout the world.

As a CIMT, you have the special opportunity to impact an infant and their family for a lifetime.

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