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 Liddle Kidz Foundation - Newsletter | January 2009







Tina Allen playing with her son Otis and a new friend of Otis' at an orphanage in Vietnam“The Liddle Kidz Foundation continues to make big steps for the smallest clients” 
- Tina Allen, Liddle Kidz® Foundation

Wow . . 2011 has far exceeded my wildest dreams! In August, I presented a pediatric massage protocol for use at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN and continue to consult with a number of pediatric hospitals on program development and research studies to further grow our professional field.

Pediatric massage also received great international acknowledgement from the professional massage community, as the American Massage Conference, Florida State Massage Therapy Association and the Canadian Massage Conference asked me to present during their internationally recognized conferences.

I would like to also personally thank ABMP and AMTA for recognizing pediatric massage as a professional massage modality.  Through simply asking each association to list pediatric massage on their website – it has been done.  So, if you are a member of either association, please take a moment and update your profile to indicate you practice pediatric massage.

Children of the World!

Liddle Kidz in the USA Liddle Kidz in Canada Liddle Kidz in Japan Liddle Kidz in Mexico Liddle Kidz in Ecuador Liddle Kidz in Thailand Liddle Kidz in Vietnam Liddle Kidz in Cambodia Liddle Kidz in Ghana Liddle Kidz in Haiti Liddle Kidz in India Liddle Kidz in Macedonia Liddle Kidz in Peru Liddle Kidz in Romania Liddle Kidz in the Sudan

In 2010, we proudly launched a second website, Liddle Kidz Foundation Global (LKF), which focuses on the international outreach component of Liddle Kidz Foundation’s global work – www.LiddleKidz.org.  This site has been added in addition to www.LiddleKidz.com, so that there is clarity on where to find educational courses and where to find outreach opportunities and information. LiddleKidz.com still features educational articles, course information and interactive services, such as our forum.

LiddleKidz.orgOn LiddleKidz.org you can learn how Liddle Kidz Foundation Global uses the power of touch to reach the world’s most vulnerable children throughout the world with experiences of appropriate nurturing touch that they often lack.


Japanese Flag Weeping  |  In memory of the Tsunami victims.We are happy to announce that the Liddle Kidz Foundation will bring nurturing touch to orphaned infants and children in Japan this fall.  This outreach event would not be possible without the generous support of our donors - Massage Therapy Foundation, Massage Warehouse and One Concept (creators of the American Massage Conference & Canadian Massage Conference).

In November, we return to Japan.  During this trip, Liddle Kidz Foundation will offer educational courses in Tokyo and Osaka as well as introduce the nurturing benefits of touch therapy to the many children in their orphanage facilities. The devastating events of the Tsunami have created an even greater need to bring nurturing touch to Japan.

Massage Therapy Foundation | Liddle Kidz Foundation SupporterThis year’s overseas outreach is slightly different. Instead of bringing international Liddle Kidz Foundation volunteers overseas, I will train local Japanese volunteers to use the information, and continue to share in their communities after I return to the U.S.

The volunteer group will be comprised of Japanese infant massage teachers and pediatric massage therapists who attended infant and pediatric massage certification courses with Liddle Kidz Foundation last year, and also those who will be trained during this years classes.  The materials will be presented in English with a Japanese translator and each volunteer team member will receive a translated booklet of materials to share with the children and staff at the orphanage facilities.

Massage Warehouse & Spa Essentials | Liddle Kidz Foundation SupporterOur group of global ambassadors will provide hands-on massage therapy and nurturing touch to hundreds of infants and children.  To create sustainable impact, the Japanese volunteers will receive additional training and education at no charge in exchange for a commitment to volunteer in their communities sharing the information learned.

One Concept | Liddle Kidz Foundation SupporterThrough these global outreach missions, we know providing hands-on care with compassion and love will have lifelong impact in creating hopeful futures for the children reducing their trauma and instill hopes for a better future!

Thank you Massage Therapy Foundation, Massage Warehouse and One Concept for your support of our continued efforts to bring nurturing touch to the children of the world.

It is always possible to do more work, with more funding. So, if you would like to contribute a tax-deductible donation to the Japanese Outreach, please contact us.

Certified Infant Massage Teacher class in MassachusettsTo continue my mission in bringing nurturing touch to children everywhere, we continue the annual Liddle Kidz® Foundation World-Wide Tour in 2012. We’re having just too much fun! Some of our many tour stops will include: Portland, Los Angeles, Honolulu, Atlanta, The American Massage Conference in San Diego, Orlando, Florida State American Massage Therapy Association Conference, Austin, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Shreveport, Houston and various cities throughout Australia and Canada.  If you’re curious when the Liddle Kidz® tour bus will be making a stop near you, check out our ever growing schedule of training dates online.  New dates are added all the time. 


Don’t miss out on our 2012 dates!

Pediatric Massage students studying  in Tokyo, JapanIf you haven’t taken the infant and pediatric massage courses you planned for this year,  new dates have been added to the Liddle Kidz website for 2012.

Not only will we offer Certified Infant Massage Teacher, and Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist courses, but we continue to provide the most comprehensive advanced work in the field of pediatric massage.  Learn what makes Liddle Kidz Foundation different.  Look for course dates on advanced pediatric massage therapy courses specializing in Autism (ASD), Pediatric Oncology (Cancer) and Cerebral Palsy.

“Children are our greatest gift, treat them with extraordinary care!”

If you have been waiting to find a way to make a difference, and didn’t know how to get started, this is it! Look online and find a course that works for you. Sign up and take charge of your future – now!

Each one of us can make a difference – it just takes one step in the right direction!

Infant Massage Certification ceremony in Tokyo, JapanIn 2005, Tina launched the Liddle Kidz® Foundation to focus on her innovative approach to children’s health. This approach has allowed her the unique opportunity to educate families and professionals throughout the world in the many benefits of nurturing touch. At personal request, Tina has taught in England, France, Sweden, Canada, Thailand, Japan and Vietnam.

A widely known expert in her field, Tina has appeared on NBC, The Learning Channel’s “Bringing Home Baby”, KCET and PBS’ “A Place of Our Own”. She is featured as the Infant and Children’s Massage Expert on Canadian Parents and Parent Guide Canada. Tina has also received recognition as First 5 California’s Champion for Children, was honored with the Richard Ryder Award for her dedicated and passionate service, is a 2009 Massage Therapy Hall of Fame Inductee and is the 2011 International Massage Therapist of the Year.



 What's happening at Liddle Kidz?



As a Certified Infant Massage Teacher CIMT™ and as a Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist CPMT™, you have the special opportunity to impact an infant and their family for a lifetime.

Begin your journey today by registering for an upcoming CIMT™ or CPMT™ training!



2009 Liddle Kidz Foundation Infant and Pediatric Massage  Educational  Touch Tour





Join Tina Allen and Liddle Kidz in 2012



Infant Massage Teacher Certification (CIMT) Speaking Engagement Infant Massage Teacher Certification (CIMT) Pediatric Massage Therapist Certification (CPMT) Autism Autism Cerebral Palsy Autism Intro Cerebral Palsy Intro Pediatric Massage Therapist Certification (CPMT) NICU Cerebral Palsy Infant Massage Teacher Certification (CIMT) Pediatric Massage Therapist Certification (CPMT) Autism Pediatric Massage Therapist Certification (CPMT) Pediatric Massage Therapist Certification (CPMT) Autism Speaking Engagement Autism Pediatric Massage Therapist Certification (CPMT) Infant Massage Teacher Certification (CIMT) Infant Massage Teacher Certification (CIMT)

Note: Trainings bordered in red offer a specialized 2 day comprehensive Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist (CPMT)  Training for massage therapists and health care professionals


Pediatric Massage Therapist Certification (CPMT) Autism Infant Massage Teacher Certification (CIMT) Pediatric Massage Therapist Certification (CPMT) Cancer Florida State Massage Therapy Association Conference | Orlando, Florida | June 27  July 1, 2012 Pediatric Massage Cerebral Palsy Autism Infant Massage Teacher Certification (CIMT) Infant Massage Teacher Certification (CIMT) Autism Pediatric Massage Therapist Certification (CPMT) Autism Pediatric Hospice | New York City, NY Pediatric Hospice | Philadelphia, PA Pediatric Hospice | Austin, TX Pediatric Hospice | Houston, TX Pediatric Hospice | Chicago, IL AMTA 2012 National Convention | Raleigh, North Carolina | October 36 Canadian Massage Conference 2012 Infant Massage Teacher Certification (CIMT) Pediatric Massage Therapist Certification (CPMT)




Tour Press Release (PRWEB)
Tina Allen and her Liddle Kidz Foundations North American Touch Tour are Proving that What
Our Kids Need Most is Touch

To view more information about a training in your area, click on the training dates above.





Host a Liddle Kidz Training and Earn a ScholarshipDon’t see a training in your area? Interested in hosting one?

All of us at the Liddle Kidz® Foundation love to meet new people and visit new places.  So, if you haven’t found one our trainings to be close enough for you, and you’d like to learn near your hometown, we’d love to talk to you!

 Click here or on our hosting button to learn more about earning a full scholarship!

From Los Angeles to Egypt - Contact us!


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Massage for Children with Autism Spectrum DisorderFinally, an advanced pediatric massage therapy training program for healthcare professionals who wish to provide Touch Therapy for Liddle Kidz® with Autism (ASD).

The comprehensive Touch Therapy for Liddle Kidz® with Autism (Massage for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder) Course is an intense, fun and effective way to advance your pediatric massage therapy skills and embrace children who have been diagnosed with one of many developmental disorders that includes autism, Asperger's Syndrome, attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), pervasive development disorder (PDD), and nonverbal learning disorder (NLD).

Through this advanced training, participants learn to provide massage therapy, nurturing touch techniques, touch therapy, tactile introduction, sensory stimulation & integration for children who have been diagnosed with Autism (ASD).   learn more

Liddle Kidz Pediatric Massage New Articles









Massage for growth and development.  By Tina Allen, Liddle Kidz Foundation


Pediatric Massage for Healthcare Providers
Many health care providers have explored the use of massage for particular populations of children with special health care needs. Overall, the evidence that massage provides global benefits to a child’s health far outweighs any evidence of negative effects.






Massage for growth and development.  By Tina Allen, Liddle Kidz Foundation


Considering a Career in Infant Massage
Infant massage has been steadily gaining international popularity, and so it only makes sense that many massage therapists consider adding infant massage to their repertoire.






Massage for growth and development.  By Tina Allen, Liddle Kidz Foundation


Considering a Career in Pediatric Massage
Many massage therapists just entering the field of massage therapy are looking for a specific focus and place to specialize. This is why the field of pediatric massage is so exciting. Now, a modality that hadn’t been spoken of in the past is starting to receive mainstream medical credibility. This acceptance allows for a massage therapist to truly follow their passion and begin providing massage therapy for children who are healthy or have special healthcare needs.








View More Children’s Health Articles by Tina Allen, LMT, CPMMT, CPMT, CIMT






 What's happening at Liddle Kidz?



mayo-clinic-logo"Working with Tina was dynamic and life enhancing.  Many people have hopes and dreams to make the world a better place, but Tina is someone who has taken her focus on pediatric massage as a way to connect with people who want to contribute by making the world a more connected and caring place.

It is uplifting to work with someone who has crystallized her vision and purpose into work that inspires others to succeed and go beyond the constraints of usual convention to help those in need."

Robert D. Sheeler, M.D.
Associate Professor of Family Medicine | Mayo Medical School
(Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota)

Children's Hospital Los Angeles logo“I am very grateful to have had the experience of working with Tina Allen, and her staff in my role as counselor and patient advocate for a population of children affected with retinoblastoma (eye cancer).

Tina and her staff developed a program to help these babies and their parents. Using her expertise, she was able to teach parents to first practice gentle touch on one another, then on a doll and eventually on their baby. The experience was wonderful for the families that were participants in the program.

I am in awe of Tina’s expertise, enthusiasm and sensitivity and wish to express my support of her newest endeavor, Liddle Kidz, offering gentle touch message to infants and their parents. Our society in general does not teach parents how to calm their baby with gentle touch. I have observed first hand how this method can help quiet even the most upset child even under extremely challenging circumstances.

Nancy Mansfield, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Institute for Families Counselor & Ombudsman,
Retinoblastoma Center, Patient Advocate,
Institute for Maternal Fetal Health,
Childrens Hospital Los Angeles,
Assistant Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology,
Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California

(Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Pediatric Massage Therapist Training | Seattle, WA

"Master teacher" does not adequately describe the depth and breadth of this down-to-earth and focused visionary.  I have taken both the Infant and Pediatric Massage training programs, and a workshop on Autism.  I am planning to continue to take any other programs or workshops that Tina Allen offers - she's an extraordinary pioneer!”

Helga Hunter, RN, LMT, CPMT, CIMT
(Atlanta, Georgia, USA)


Infant Massage Certification | Japan"I absolutely loved the Infant Massage class.  I think Tina Allen creates a wonderful atmosphere for learning and we had an incredible group of Occupational Therapists and Massage Therapists who are really interested in bringing Infant Massage to families.  Tina is extremely knowledgeable and very enthusiastic and warm which makes her not only someone you want to learn from, but easy to learn from.

Tina is also concerned with us being successful and is willing to help us long after the course is over.  I have never experienced that before, unless you pay for it.  I will be sure to take more classes with Tina in the future.”

Karie Bennett, NCTMB, LMT, CIMT
(Whitefield, New Hampshire, USA)





Liddle Kidz Community



(Connecticut Children’s Medical Center) Submitted By, Dr, Ana Verissimo, MD for the Employee Newsletter of Connecticut Children’s Medical Center
Integrative Medicine Program Under Development At Connecticut Children’s Medical Center | Liddle Kidz Foundation Pediatric Massage course was filled to capacity with fifty health care participants, including twelve physical and occupational therapists at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.
December 20, 2010


(examiner.com) Article By Marica Chen, San Francisco Examiner
Liddle Kidz Foundation brings nurturing touch to orphans in Vietnam
December 6, 2010





Liddle Kidz Foundation Spotlight | Each One Counts Foundation |  New York City, NY

each one counts foundationThe Liddle Kidz Foundation is proud to partner with Each One Counts Foundation to bring the nurturing benefits of touch to children in hospice and palliative care.

Our goal is to provide education and support to those who undertake a volunteer commitment of service to the Each Counts Foundation.

Our first successful volunteer event was held in New York City at Madison Square Garden in October 2011.  We are excited to have new professional volunteers using nurturing touch to comfort children in hospice and palliative care.

Madison Square Garden Transformation | Each One Counts Foundation | Liddle Kidz FoundationVolunteer service may be completed in a number of ways including; providing nurturing touch to children with life limited expectancy in hospice, healthcare and home settings, educating their families in how to provide nurturing touch or a variety of other valuable services that will bring joy and comfort to these children.

If you are a massage therapist or other healthcare provider, who is licensed to touch, and you wish to volunteer to bring nurturing care to children and their families, please contact us to learn more about becoming part of this important work.   Volunteer trainings and opportunities are provided nationwide.

“Holding a sick child’s hand
when they are considerable untouchable,
communicates that they matter!”

About Each One Counts Foundation | Mission

The purpose of Each One Counts Foundation is to ease the physical pain and suffering of chronically and terminally ill children who are receiving palliative or hospice care.

Each One Counts Foundation Volunteers | Madison Square Garden | Liddle Kidz FoundationChildren are not supposed to get sick and die, but they do.  Each year in the US over 50,000 children die pain-filled deaths.  They need palliative or hospice care to alleviate their pain.  Less than 1% get it.

Regardless of the condition - cystic fibrosis, cancer, neurological disorders, accidents, HIV/AIDS, etc. and because pain is not limited to one disease - the each one counts foundation will care for all children who are prisoners of a chronic or terminal illness.

Visit Each One Counts Foundation website:


Now Let's Talk about how the Liddle Kidz Foundation can  make a postive impact on your life!

Finally, comprehensive infant massage and pediatric massage certification programs for professionals, caregivers and those wanting to enhance their career or begin a new one!  As a CIMT you can enhance your existing career, or begin a new career in the wonderful world of infant massage.  As a CPMT you can enhance your career as a professional massage therapist, bodyworker or other healthcare provider who wishes to provide massage therapy for pediatric clients.  The Liddle Kidz® Foundation Certification courses are intense, fun and an effective way to master the core skills of infant and pediatric massage.

Founded by pediatric massage master teacher and philanthropist Tina Allen, the LiddlePlease Liddle Kidz, teach my Mommy & Daddy Infant Massage Kidz® Foundation offers new, comprehensive, research based training courses and teaches students what they really need to know to become infant and pediatric massage professionals.

Any experienced infant massage teacher or pediatric massage therapist will tell you that there is a world of difference between learning how to massage a baby or child from a book or DVD, and knowing how to provide the best care to meet a child's and families needs.  However, there are few opportunities to learn the skills you really need from a working healthcare professional who has provided infant and pediatric massage education throughout the world.  This is that rare opportunity!

As a CIMT or CPMT, you have the special opportunity to impact a child and their family for a lifetime.  Take the first step and get started today.

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